Learning with the forest Activity in Forestry

Extension subjects

The activity of the Forestry Extension Institute are countrywide and covers a large variety fo subjects within forestry:Forest management, silviculture, forest operations, forest economics and planning, multiple use of forest land, wildlife management, bio-energy, pedagogics, information tecnology and Internet.

Transferable experiences

Educational program on forestry

Experiences and knowledge from Activity in Forestry can be transfered to other countries. The Forestry Extension Institute can assist in development of programmes and their administration and governance.  Important elements in this process is to analyse significant success factors aimed at custom-built courses and local adjustment, anchorage and co-operation.

Other important elements are pedagogical design, recruiting of instructors and organisation of courses for local implementation.

Forest education programme in schools

Based on experience with the Learning with the forest programme, The Forestry Extension Institute can, in co-operation with the international programme Learning About Forest, assist in establishing of similar programmes in countries where such programmes are wanted.